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N. Kingfisher Beads

N. Kingfisher Beads

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The Kingfisher's scientific name is Megaceryle alcyon. The latin alcyon comes from the ancient Greek Ankuóvn (Alkuone). In Greek mythology, Alycone was the daughter of the wind god Aeolus. Alcyone dove into the ocean in grief after her husband died in a shipwreck. The gods then took pity on the couple, turning them into a pair of kingfishers that continued to dive together into the oceans, rivers, and lakes of the world. Alcyone's father Aeolus calmed the winds each year during their nesting period (the origin of the phrase "halcyon days")

Materials: Bone, Pink Fresh Water Pearl, White Fresh Water Pearl, Sterling Silver

Due to the nature of stones, shells, and pearls, necklaces may have slight variation.

Necklaces are made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.  

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